Centers of Excellence Information, Application and Standards

Information about Centers of Excellence can be found here.

Any properly licensed, operating health care facility, and approved Medicaid provider in good standing may apply to become certified as a Center of Excellence in the treatment of opioid use disorders. The Centers came out of the Governor’s Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task force and are a cornerstone piece of Governor Raimondo’s plan to cut opioid deaths by one-third in three years. These Centers provide assessments and treatment for opioid dependence, offer expedited access to care and serve as a resource for community-based providers. The COE application can be accessed here and certification standards for a health care facility to become certified as a Center of Excellence (COE), here.

A multi-disciplinary staff, including peer professionals, work together to provide patient-centered care that addresses all of an individual’s treatment needs. COEs provide medication services on-site, including FDA-approved medications for the effective treatment of opioid use disorders (methadone, buprenorphine products and naltrexone).

Features of COEs include:

  • Individualized care with a range of treatment options
  • Timely access to care with minimal waiting lists
  • COEs make patient-focused programs and services available. These ancillary services, which assist patients in recovery, include individual and group therapy, help with obtaining other needed health services, social services, and recovery/remission supports such as peer professionals.
  • Support resources for patients who have been referred into the community
  • Comprehensive patient and family education programs