Centers of Excellence Information, Application and Standards

Information for current Centers of Excellence is below, as well as the application and certification standards for a health care facility to become certified as a Center of Excellence (COE), are below. Any properly licensed, operating health care facility, and approved Medicaid provider in good standing may apply to become certified as a Center of Excellence in the treatment of opioid use disorders. The Centers came out of the Governor’s Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task force and are a cornerstone piece of Governor Raimondo’s plan to cut opioid deaths by one-third in three years. These Centers will provide assessments and treatment for opioid dependence, will offer expedited access to care and serve as a resource for community-based providers.

A multi-disciplinary staff, including peer professionals, will work together to provide patient-centered care that addresses all of an individual’s treatment needs. COEs will be able to provide medication services on-site, including FDA-approved medications for the effective treatment of opioid use disorders (methadone, buprenorphine products and naltrexone).

Features of COEs will include:

  • Individualized care with a range of treatment options
  • Timely access to care with minimal waiting lists
  • COEs should also make patient-focused programs and services available. These ancillary services which assist patients in recovery include individual and group therapy, help with obtaining other needed health services, social services, and recovery/remission supports such as peer professionals.
  • Support resources for patients who have been referred into the community
  • Comprehensive patient and family education programs