Mental Health Forms

For Civil Court Certification:

Mental Health Psychiatric Rehabilitative Residences (MHPRR) Application

Prior to submitting an MHPRR application, all alternatives must be explored to keep a client living safely, in a least restrictive level of care, in the community. Alternatives to group home placement which should be considered and ruled out are:

  • Involvement with a community mental health center (CMHO) which would provide outreach, assisted living and/or a supervised apartment with increased supervision by the client’s identified CMHO.
  • His or her own apartment, with supervision and/or medication maintenance that is overseen by the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team from the client’s CMHO.

Involvement with mental health court (COOP) and documented failure of the attempts mentioned above to keep the client safe, because of the need for increased structure due to the client’s chronic mental illness, would be a clearer indicator that the client is in need of MHPRR placement.