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The Office of Facilities and Program Standards and Licensure
Barry Hall, 14 Harrington Road, Cranston, RI 02920
Telephone: 401-462-6049; Fax: 401-462-0393

The Office of Facilities and Program Standards and Licensure licenses programs that provide services to individuals who are developmentally disabled, cognitively disabled, mentally ill or individuals who have substance abuse or substance dependence problems.

This Office processes licenses for organizations that provide Behavioral Healthcare Services, Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, and Services for persons with Cognitive Disabilities.

The Licensing Office does not process professional licenses for an individual that includes: Licensed Independent Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Chemical Dependency Clinical Supervisor, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Professionals. This is the responsibility of the RI Department of Health, which may be reached at: 222-5960 or www.health.ri.gov.

Organizations are issued an 'umbrella' agency license and additional site specific licenses. The licensure period is for two years.

The biennial Behavioral Health Licensing surveys are conducted as an integrated Departmental review. The survey team consists of Licensing Office personnel and relevant Division of Behavioral Healthcare personnel. The integrated surveys monitor compliance with licensing regulations, Medicaid standards and contractual standards.

Biennial licensing surveys are also conducted at all Developmental Disability provider agencies and their facilities that provide a variety of home and community based services to persons with disabilities.

The Department is also authorized to license the programs and facilities that provide services to persons with cognitive disabilities.