Description of Services

Eleanor SlaterEleanor Slater Hospital has two locations – a Cranston Campus and a Zambarano Campus. The hospital provides long-term acute and post-acute hospital level of care to patients with complex medical and psychiatric needs.

It has a very active performance improvement effort that emphasizes collaboration among its leadership, physicians, nurses, and rehabilitative staff reviewing all processes associated with operations and quality care. Processes are modified or redesigned resulting in higher quality care for our patient population and improved operations.

Services include:
    • Comprehensive Mental Health Services
    • Physical, Occupational, Recreational, Speech and Respiratory Therapies
    • Ventilator Care
    • Acute Brain Injury Care

ESH endeavors to provide a treatment environment in which dignity, individuality, and respect are emphasized. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, the hospital focuses on issues of recovery and quality of living.

Children may visit under special arrangements made through the Supervising Registered Nurses Office, (401) 462-2294.

We are dedicated to using a patient, family, and interdisciplinary centered approach to our care. Our focus is on recognizing each patient’s individuality and their right to dignified and high quality care.

Our Mission is derived from the unique medical needs of patients in the community and imperatives:
    • To ensure that all patients admitted receive quality diagnostic and clinical management
    • To provide all patients with a safe environment
    • To recognize, affirm and protect each patient’s rights
    • To provide treatment and care with respect and compassion
    • To provide and maintain a high quality of daily living
    • To involve patients and their families in care decisions