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Principles and Values

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) believes in the following principles and core values that serve to guide the focus of community services/supports for adults with developmental disabilities in Rhode Island:

  • Each person is unique with individual interests, strengths and needs; support and services are responsive to the individual and his/her particular situation;
  • All of us develop and grow within a community of personal relationships; support and services help build friendships and relationships with various people who are involved in our personal lives;
  • Each person is treated with dignity and respect and is deserving of a meaningful life in the community that offers a variety of individual choices that affect his/her own life/future and opportunities to reach his/her fullest potential; we strive to meet the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in order to assure each person has a good quality of life;
  • The supports/services that the individual receives shall be provided in a safe environment and in the least restrictive manner;
  • There is equity and fairness to all stakeholders;
  • There is the capacity to accommodate new people within the system of services/support without waiting lists;
  • The Division will be a catalyst in the shift of decision-making to individuals with disabilities and their families regarding the choice of agency and the supports provided. Innovative and cost-effective programs will require new ways of thinking, including adaptive changes in our practice and organizational structure and increased opportunities to access community resources available to all citizens;
  • There is a continued investment and responsible management of growth and stability in the system;
  • Security, stability and resources are provided for individuals by supporting them in their natural environment with their families for as long as possible;
  • The system of services/support must have the capacity to respond to individuals with extraordinary and/or emergency needs;
  • Collaboration and partnerships among the stakeholders have been and will continue to be an integral component of the accomplishments within the DD community system;
  • Direct service staff should have a good working wage to ensure continuity, stability and quality of support for people; and
  • The Division should be accountable to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, the citizens of this State, and to one another.

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