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Description of Services

The Division provides services/supports to approximately 4000 adults with developmental disabilities. These services are both privately operated and publicly operated and they are typically funded in three board categories: Residential Services, Day/Employment Services and Family Supports.

The Division certifies a variety of community provider agencies creating a statewide network of community services/supports for adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals can choose to have their services provided by any of the 37 community agencies licensed by BHDDH and/or certified by DDD or they can choose to utilize a fiscal intermediary and hire their own staff.

Residential Services/Supports:

residential supportsResidential Non-24 Hour Supports are those supports that are provided individually or in a group setting to individuals who live apart from their family. Supports are to assist the person to learn skills related to activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and cleanliness, household chores, eating and the preparation of food, and the social skills necessary to help the individual to live a meaningful life as independently as possible and be a part of the community.

Residential Services/Supports include three service options:

  1. Less than 24-hour Support: These supports are provided for less than 24 hours per day and do not include funding for on-site overnight support.

  2. 24-Hour Support: These supports are provided in a group setting. These supports are provided to the individual whenever he/she is in the residence. This category of supports includes programs where each individual has access to funded overnight support staff and other services.

  3. Shared Living Arrangements: This is a residential option for an adult with a developmental disability to reside with and receive customized support from someone who has contracted with an Authorized Placement Agency to be a Home Provider for that Individual.

residential supportsResidential Services/Supports also can include electronic devices that allow an individual to obtain help in an emergency; and Specialized Equipment and Supplies which includes items necessary for the person to improve their daily living or communication needs.

In order to access residential services, the individual must meet the eligibility criteria for the Home and Community-Based Waiver. DDD Completed Waiver Application 2006
pdf(120 pages)

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Day/Employment Supports:

Day/Employment supports are provided to an individual typically during the daytime hours in an individual or group setting. This can include supports to assist an individual in obtaining and/or maintaining employment including finding a job, staff supervision, assistance with transportation or job training. Day/Employment Supports also includes opportunities for people to have meaningful days including assistance with socialization and adaptive skills or becoming involved in their local community. Day supports focus on helping the individual to become as independent as possible.

Family Supports:

family Family Supports are supports that are provided in the family home or in the community to assist the individual and family to continue to live together. Family Support can include…

    Respite Services which are provided to families or caregivers of individuals who are unable to care for themselves; and are provided on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of the family or those persons normally providing care of the individual.
    Homemaker Services consisting of assistance with general household types of activities (meal preparation and routine household care).
    Personal Care Services are direct support in the home to an individual in performing tasks they are unable to complete independently. Services typically include assistance with activities of daily living, such as grooming, personal hygiene, toileting bathing, and dressing; monitoring health ; assistance with preparation and eating of meals; and assistance with housekeeping activities (bed making, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning). This category of service also includes supports to assist the individual to access and participate in their community.
    Environmental Accessibility Modifications to the home and/or vehicle that are needed for the health, welfare and safety of the person, or which help the individual to be as independent as possible in the home and community.

Family Support also can include electronic devices, Specialized Equipment and Supplies or Environmental Accessibility Modifications as described above under 'Residential Services/Supports'.

In order to access Family Supports, the individual must meet the eligibility criteria for the Home and Community-Based Waiver.

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