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About Us

Director Ellen NelsonMHRH is the state department that provides services for developmental disabilities, mental health and substance abuse, and hospitalization for psychiatric and long-term care patients. MHRH is the actual provider of some services; many other services are provided by local agencies who work under the umbrella of the department. In addition to providing services, MHRH establishes standards and regulations for providers, monitors providers for compliance and promotes quality care for consumers and patients. MHRH is a leader in assuring the availability and the reliability of care, primarily for adults with developmental disabilities, behavioral health and selected long-term hospitalization needs. The department has strong linkages with a variety of programs for children and adolescents.

MHRH is organized into five Program Areas:

  • The Office of the Director
  • The Director is responsible for the overall management of the department and reports to the Director of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level organization of which MHRH is a part. The Director’s Office includes (Office of Mgmt Services, etc.).

  • Management and Support Services
  • Management and Support Services is primarily cental financial management.

  • Developmental Disabilities
  • The Division is responsible for planning, providing and administering a community system of services/ supports for adults with developmental disabilities in Rhode Island by enhancing the quality of support/services so that people with disabilities can identify and move toward personal futures of inclusion and participation in community life; safeguarding the health and safety of people with disabilities through quality management activities that promote human rights and protect people from abuse; and ensuring equitable access to and allocation of available resources in order to be responsive to the individual needs of the person.

    The Division funds a statewide network of community services/support for adults with developmental disabilities by contracting with a variety of community provider agencies. These services are both privately operated and publicly operated and they are typically funded in three board categories: Residential Services, Day/Employment Services and Family Supports.

  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Behavioral Healthcare contracts for direct services with RI’s mental health centers, substance abuse prevention, education and treatment programs, and works directly with court-referred clients in its Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes (TASC) Program. Unlike the majority of MHRH’s programs, many of the substance abuse services are, in fact, available to or targeted at young people.

  • Hospitals and Community Rehabilitation Services
  • The Eleanor Slater Hospital, with facilities at the John O. Pastore Center in Cranston and the Zambarano Unit in Burrillville, provides services exclusively for adults. These services include…….