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After 100 years, caring still tops at Zambarano
Stanley M. Aronson - March 30, 2006

ZambaranoWHY DOES A COMMUNITY establish a hospital? Sometimes this is undertaken out of fear, sometimes for aggrandizement, but most usually in answer to a longstanding necessity.

Over the millennia, families have nursed their own at home. Thus the home was where the babies were born,the children were cared for during childhood diseases, injuries were tended to, and the older people lingered before dying. Only when the family could no longer cope with these medical burdens, or when there was no family,and after complicated lifesaving procedures had been invented, did society create institutions we now call hospitals. Read more

"History of the State Institutions" at the Howard Reservation.IMH

Over the past 26 years, the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission has produced 60 survey publications for each of the state's 39 towns. Although the publications are out-of-print, they remain invaluable resources for researchers, history buffs, and residents.

The history of state institutions is a 9 page extract from a 90 page document which covers the history of Cranston.